Selected Members for Winter 2017 Publisher Luncheon CD

Congratulations to the following members who had their songs selected to go on the WINTER 2017 Publisher Luncheon CD. This CD will go home with 50+ of Nashville’s Top Music Publishers. Your email address will be also given to them, so they can reach out to you if interested!

Ian Christian,  Nashville, TN - “Broken Compass” (Folk Pop)
Kara Hesse, Seattle, WA - “Wait Up For Me” (Americana/Folk)
John Stanislawski, Nashville, TN - “Mama's Old Radio” (Country)
Rich Karg, Nashville, TN - “Next Friday” (Country)
Kathy Martin, Edmond, OK - “When I Wake Up” (Pop)
Bobby Anderson, Louisville, KY - “Betty” (Sync Rock)
Paul Gross, Houston, TX - “Feel the Fall” (Rock)
Caylee North, Nashville, TN - “A Little More You” (Pop)
Andrew Branch, Nashville, TN - “Bankrupt ” (Country/Soul)
Piper Slattery, Nashville, TN - “Talking to Jesus” (Country )
David Ashley Trent, Jackson, TN - “I Wait For You” (Christian)
Greg Black, Tuscumbia, AL - “So I Won't Wish I Had” (Country)
Russell Sutton, Nashville, TN - "Just Talkin" (Country)