SONGS RECOMMENDED - Publisher Playlist


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Happy Holidays! To celebrate the season, NSAI will be closed beginning December 21st at 2:00PM CT and will re-open January 2nd at 10:00AM CT.

Each quarter NSAI invites all of the local Nashville Music Publishers and PRO Reps to attend a luncheon. Congratulations to the NOMINEES whose songs are being considered for the PLAYLIST that gets sent to those 50+ Music Publishers. Songs considered for this PLAYLIST are recommended by the NSAI Song Evaluation Service and the NSAI Membership Representatives.
These songs were recommended between 7/1/17 - 12/31/17.

Michael Peterson: Song to Drink On (Country)

Ken Nogan: God Our Savior (Praise/Worship)

John Stanislawski: Magnetic (Country)

David Latto: Better Way (Americana/Folk)

Kat Saul: 21 Days (Pop)

Kat Saul: Cooler Than Hell (Pop)

Greg Wilson: Love Lives On (Country)

Laura Guthrie: Momma Ain’t So Bad (Country)

Joshua Stewart: Summertime (Country)

Maddie Driscoll: Because of You (Pop)

John Stanislawski: Keep Me in the Dark (Country)

Emily Kroll: Don’t Water Down My Whiskey (Country)

Neil Sleevi: Who Do You Say I Am (Contemporary Christian)

Hailey Verhaalan: The Damn You Didn’t Give

James Springer: One Cold Night

Bill O’Hanlon: Missin’ Me (Country)

Michael Astrachan: It Just Takes One (Other)

Rich Karg: Old John Mayer (Country)

Taylor Lanigan: Hemingway (Country)

David Skibbins: Love Anyway (Country)

Mark Stegall: Part Time Daddy (Country)

Greg Black: Sleeping Together (Country)

Brad McKinney: Backstage (Country)

Ryland Fisher: Heart For Breakin’ (Country)

Garre LaGrone: More Cows (Country)

Colleen Brown Keenleyside: Snow, Snow, Snow

Laura Guthrie: What I Need the Most (Contemporary Christian)

Ryland Fisher: Goodbye Back (Country)

Ryland Fisher: Smoke ‘n Mirrors (Country)

Joey Ebach: Last Night (C. Ballan. S. Forman. J. Ebach)- (Pop)

Hanna Ross: Cruel Intentions (Americans/Folk)

Denis (D.J) Loiseau: Make Hay When The Sun Shines (Bluegrass)

Jeff Callery: (This Ain’t Your) Daddy’s Country Song (Country)

Ashley Briggs: Just For Fun- Briggs, Smentek, Usmar (Country)

Steve Vito: Cursed (Pop)

Joe Sly Music: Steal Your Lipstick (Country)

Steven Smentek: Catchin’ Thunder (James Donnelly) (Country)

Ryland Fisher: Old Time’s Sake (Country)

Leslie Rich: Road Trippin’ (Pop)

Joey Ebach: Timeless (Valerie Ponzio, Mike Minijarez) (Pop)

Mark Skinner: Jangle (Country)

Jacob Hillenbrand: Warning Signs (Americana/Folk)

Debra Gussin: Our Time (Country)

Olivia Frances: Lettin’ Summer Shine (Pop)

Danny Kensy: Old Flame (Country)

Michelle Pereira: Company (R&B)

Alan Rich: Love Her, Boy (Country)

Bryan Vrablik: I Love You God (Praise/Worship)

Leslie Bowe: What Could Go Right (Country)

Ryan Brisotti: Hard to Say Hello (Pop)

Brittany Brant: Too Bad (Country)

Robert Briggs: I Know It’s Christmas (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) (Rock)

Ryland Fisher: Who Needs The Neon (Country)

Blake Griffith: Great Minds Drink Alike (Country)

Ryland Fisher: Waiting’ Up For You (Country)

Robert Zimmerman: Most of All (Country)

Ceri Usmar: Guilty Pleasures (Country)

Sara Collins: You’re Always Sweeter When Your Drunk (Country)

Jabe Burgess: College Kids (Country)

Ryland Fisher: Work Week Healin’ (Country)

Ken Nogan: It’s Only the Cross (Contemporary Christian)

Jacob Noe: Call Me When You Don’t (Pop)

Betsy Walter: Closure

Betsy Walter: Like That

Selby Copeland: Before They Begin (Joey Ebach) (Country)

Carol Katterjohn: Somebody Isn’t One (Pop)

Greg Piken: Weather (Country)

Elaine Lennon: In Songs We Live On

Gregg Shively: He’s Not a Baby in the Manger Anymore (Contemporary Christian)

DC James: One More Shot (Country)

Laura Guthrie: Easier Done Than Said (Country)

Doug Jackson: Poor Man’s Party (Country)

Michelle Pereira: X Marks The Spot (Country)

Jacob Hillenbrand: Loose (Country)

Stefanie Johnson: The Second Time Around (Pop)

Stefanie Johnson: Hello Love (Pop)

Chris Housman: Break Me (Country)

Raymy Krumrei: Cruise Control (Country)

Scott Voelkerding: Ain’t Dead Yet (Byrd, Smentek) (Country)

Gerry Grothues: Too Close to Sunday Morning (Country)

Reno Bo: Everybody’s Perfect (Pop)

Stefanie Johnson: Word Man (Rock)

Stefanie Johnson: One Life (Pop)

Emily Kroll: Friday Groove (Country)

Casey Cattie: Champagne Campaign (Country)

Chuck Ebert: Acres of Sunshine (Country)

Anna Powell: Run At First Sight (Country)

Bonnie Ryan: While We’re Young (Country)

Katherine Fraser: Circus Tango (Synch)

Daniel Leathersich: Indiana (Country)

Tom Glynn: Barflies (Country)

Kent Bell: Put Up A Fight (Country)

Lauren Hall: Her Turn To Hurt (Country)

Lauren Weintruab: Careful Now (Country)

Madison Kozak: First Last Name (Country)

Rich Karg: Momentum (Country)