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In celebration of Independence Day, NSAI will be closed beginning at 2:00pm on Wednesday, July 3 and will reopen on July 8th at 10:00am.

Each quarter NSAI invites all of the local Nashville Music Publishers and PRO Reps to attend a luncheon. Congratulations to the NOMINEES whose songs are being considered for the PLAYLIST that gets sent to those 50+ Music Publishers. Songs considered for this PLAYLIST are recommended by the NSAI Song Evaluation Service and the NSAI Membership Representatives. These songs were recommended between 5/1/18 - 8/31/18.

NAME                                 TITLE                             CITY, STATE


Allison Clarke                    "Gulf Coast Breeze"                    Nashville, TN

Bo Armstrong                     “Goin’ Steady”                            Nashville, TN

Bobbie Norman                  “The Will Of A Woman”               Airdrie, AB, Canada

Bobby Simpson                   “Risk”                                       Maryville, TN

Brad McKinney                     “Three Bars Ago”                       Richmond, KY

Brad McKinney                      “Wastin’ Stars”                           Richmond, KY

Cedric Israel                           “Sunday Morning Smile”             Argyle, TX

Chelsey Satterlee                 “The Bravest Thing I’ve Done”     Nashville, TN

Chelsey Satterlee                 “Waiting On You To Miss Me”      Nashville, TN

Christen Cooper                    “Share My Lipstick”                    Draper, UT

Christina Taylor                    “That Girl”                                 Denver, NC

Claire Bufalino                      “Smart Girl”                               Nashville, TN

Emily Kroll                              “Ours”                                      Nashville, TN

Emily Kroll                              “Real Thing”                              Nashville, TN

Frank Stopak                          “I Take This Beer”                      Rockville, MD

Frank Stopak                            “Rumor No More”                      Rockville, MD

Frank Stopak                            “Rumor No More”                       Rockville, MD

Frank Stopak                             “You Make Me Beautiful”             Rockville, MD

Frank Stopak                             “You Make Me Beautiful”             Rockville, MD

Garre LaGrone                           “Honeysuckle Lane”                   Amarillo, TX

Garre LaGrone                            “Missin’ That Drawl”                   Amarillo, TX

Garre LaGrone                            “Up a Creek”                              Amarillo, TX

Geoff Jewett                                 “Millionaire”                             Westborough, MA

Greg Wilson                                 “Going Through”                       Louisville, KY

Hanna Ross                               "Dripping in Diamonds"               Nashville, TN

Jaclynn Huse                              “Jingle Jangle”                           Nashville, TN

Jacob Noe                                  “I Won’t Be Your Bourbon”          Nashville, TN

Jacques Forget                          “Wanting To Have You Back Again” Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

James Austin                              “Me Not You”                             Baton Rouge, LA

Jebb Mac                                     “Spent”                                     Florence, SC

Jebb Mac                                    “Sip Of That”                              Florence, SC

Jenna LaMaster                         "Taking the Trash Out"                 Nashville, TN

Joe McGowan                             “Fingerprint/proof”                   Charleston, SC

Joe McGowan                             “Sweet Talk Radio”                     Charleston, SC

John Gurney                                “All Over Me”                             Nashville, TN

John Stanislawski                       “I’m Doing Alright”                    Nashville, TN

Julie Broschard                           “Do Over”                                 Whitman, MA

Julie Broschard                            “If My Love Could Pay The Bills” Whitman, MA

Julie Broschard                            “Why Do You Love Me”               Whitman, MA

Kelly Seidel                                   “Go To”                                    Nashville, TN

Kristin Demlow                               “Hey Stranger”                           Hendersonville, TN

Laura Guthrie                                  “How I Find My Groove”              Murfreesboro, TN

Laura Guthrie                                  “One Thing That I Know”            Murfreesboro, TN

Lauren Lester                                  “Miss My Song”                          Orlando, FL

Lucy Leblanc                                   “Don’t Dial It Back”                     White Rock, BC, Canada

Maddy Rodriguez/ Savannah Sgro    "Phobia"                               Nashville, TN 

Mark Maxwell                                   “A Little More”                           Jeffersonville, IN

Mary Kutter                                       “Hate”                                      Lebanon, KY

Matthew Soileau                              “When It Rains It Pours”             Spring, TX

Matthew Soileau                              “Surrender”                              Spring, TX

Melissa Sheridan                              “True”                                      LaVergne, TN

Michael Astrachan                            “I Won’t Forget Their Names”     Nashville, TN

Michael Astrachan                            “Downtime”                               Nashville, TN

Michael McGee                                “He Walked On Wine”                 Philipsburg, PA

Michelle Pereira                               “Another Drink”                         Nashville, TN

Mike Morgan                                   “You’re The Song”                      Roundup, MT

Mikey James                                   “Two American Hearts”              Franklin, MA

Nicholas Deutsch                            “Crazy Ride”                              Brooklyn, NY

Nicholas Deutsch                             “Run”                                       Brooklyn, NY

Paul Vance                                       “Damage Control”                     Minneapolis, MN

Ralston Wells                                  “Under The Weather”                 Nashville, TN

Richard Schroder                           “Don’t You Grow Up On Me Now” Chestnut Hill, MA

Ronnie Scott                                   “Don’t Suck!”                            Watkinsville, GA

Ryan Brisotti                                    “Love You Broken”                      Glen Cove, NY

Ryland Fisher                                  “End Of The World”                    Nashville, TN

Ryland Fisher                                  “Get The Girl”                            Nashville, TN

Ryland Fisher                                  “Heaven For The Weekend”         Nashville, TN

Ryland Fisher                                  “Lost In You”                             Nashville, TN

Ryland Fisher                                  “Red Light Kisses”                      Nashville, TN

Sara Davis                                       “Just Cause You Can”                  Franklin, TN

Sara Davis                                       “Kiss Me”                                   Franklin, TN   

Sarah Beth Ballard                          “California Dreaming”               Tualatin, UT

Sarah Beth Ballard                          “Replay”                                   Tualatin, UT

Sarah Beth Ballard                           “Like Like”                                 Tualatin, UT

Sarah Beth Ballard                          “Something Blue”                       Tualatin, UT

Sarah Beth Ballard                          “Throwbackish”                         Tualatin, UT

Scott Voelkerding                             “One More”                               Nashville, TN

Sean Spollen                                   “The Girl I Never Met”                 Nashville, TN

Sean Spollen                                   “The Girl I Never Met”                 Nashville, TN 

Selby Copeland                               “Liquid Courage”                      Toronto, ON, Canada

Sheena Brook Stockton                    “Lovely Bones”                           Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Stefanie Johnson                             “Gypsy Heart”                            Bethlehem, PA

Stephen Elkins                                 “Breaking Through”                   LaPorte, IN

Steve DiDomenico                           “Turn On His Light”                    Carlisle, PA

Steven Smentek                               “Fool’s Gold”                            Woodridge, IL

Steven Smentek                               “Hips”                                      Woodridge, IL

Steven Smentek                               “Hurt Somebody”                       Woodridge, IL

Steven Smentek                               “More Like Jesus”                       Woodridge, IL

Sydney Hutchko                               “Quit”                                       Brentwood, TN

Sydney Hutchko                               “Wildflower”                             Brentwood, TN

Taylor Jones                                     “Demons Talk”                           Chesapeake, VA

Theodore Christman                         “Heroes Like You”                      Sea Cliff, NY

Theodore Christman                         “Strawberry Kisses”                    Sea Cliff, NY

Valerie Wilson                                  “Picture Perfect”                         Town Creek, AL