Songs selected for Fall Publisher Luncheon

Congratulations to these writers whose songs were selected to be put on the Publisher Luncheon CD happening on Oct 18, 2016!

1.      “Hookup” by Connor Thuotte, Tori Tullier, Kaylee Rose
2.      “Shotgun” by John Prichard and Jimmy Copens
3.      “Cover Up Us” by Blake Griffith
4.      “Fumes” by Arkady Gelman and Sara Stearman
5.      “Jesus, The Beatles, and Me” by Donna King, Lee Black, Gina Boe
6.      “So Damn Good at Not Getting Caught” by Brandon Sleeman
7.      “Vinyl Afternoon” by Joe Slyzelia and Donna King
8.      “I Think My Buddy’s Broken” by Jason David Hiatt
9.   “Boyfriend” by Drew Six
10.   “What Grace Is” by Anelda Spence