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To enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, NSAI will be closed beginning Wednesday November 21 at 2:00PM Central and then will re-open Monday November 26 at 10:00am Central. We hope everyone enjoys the holiday!

Each quarter NSAI invites all of the local Nashville Music Publishers and PRO Reps to attend a luncheon. Congratulations to SONGS SELECTED for the PLAYLIST that gets sent to those 50+ Music Publishers. Songs considered for this PLAYLIST are recommended by the NSAI Song Evaluation Service and the NSAI Membership Representatives (See list of recommended songs here: ). These songs were recommended between 1/1/18 - 4/30/18 and will be sent in the playlist at the end of June 2018.

Sydney Hutchko "Miss You At All"
Ben Wagner "Take My Time"
Ava Suppelsa "Slower"
Ian Mullins "Out of Our System"
Kelly Seidel "Rerun"
Jacob Noe "Blank Page & Six Strings"
Ceri Usmar "Out of Her Mind"
Marilyn Hall "Why Wasn't It Me?"
Emily Bea "Crash ft. Yahosh"
Bryan Vrablik "When I Play Guitar In The Dark" ***Previous TOP 40 Winner
Greg Wilson "Music" ***Previous TOP 40 Winner
Karen Hardy "Chains" ***Previous TOP 40 Winner

Keep up the great work!