Songs Taken at January 29th Pitch to Publisher

Congratulations to the following members who had their songs taken at Pitch to Publisher last night! Thanks to everyone who came out to the workshop and especially to Robert Carlton (Smack Songs) for making another pitch opportunity possible. Our next Pitch to Publisher night will be February 26th with Chelsea Kent (Still Working Music) !

1. Caleb Clark- "Tangled Up In You"
2. Jacob Campo- "Time Stands Still"
3. Logan Gill- "Excuses"
4. Taylor Faith- "Yours"
5. Dana Snyder- "Downgrade"
6. Lisa Sekscinski- "Tangled"
7. Anelda Spence- "Dead Space"
8. Laura Vance- "Everyone But You"
9. Jackson Gulick- "Mind Missing You"
10. J.W. Faria- "Catchin' A Buzz"
11. Kristen Voorhies- "True Love"
12. Donald Cummings- "You Can Always Change Your Mind"
13. John Miller- "Two Nights"
14. Paul Stephens- "Where Love Starts"