Songs taken at Pitch to Publisher with Kelly Bolton (Black River Ent.)

Congratulations to all of our members who had songs taken at last week's Pitch to Publisher event.

“Boots” – Daniel Young
“Sugar Rush” – Rachel Morgan Perry/Donna King
“Country Boyfriend” – Lillian Glanton
“Fumes” – Sara Jane/A. Gelman
“Whatever You Want” – Mike Chinn
“Ribbons and Chains” – Alissa Griffith
“I Call Home” – Randy Davis/Mark Baker
“Tennessee Voodoo” – Ryan Boey/Michael Flanigan/Jackson Gulick/Ken Matthiesen
“History” – Rich Karg/Tyler Barham/John Griffith
“Lonely For You” – Kevin James Lynch
“I Dare You” – Mary Kutter/Katrina Burgoyne
“Dinner Plate” – Steve Vito
“CowZ” – Dave Freeland/John Pearson
“Ain’t No Truck” – Jake Gibbs/Craig Gibbs
“Say It Louder” – Ellie Painter/Tyler Madden
“Just Who I Had in Mind” – Cody Atkins
“Fools and Jokers” – Emily James
“She Only Goes for Rednecks” – Jimmy Thrasher/Josh Hanvey
“High School Jacket” – Dan Rivers
“Bad Habits” – Luke Cunningham
“Koozie” – Elizabeth Mossell
“Baby I’m So Over It” – Trey Byrd/Michaela Clarke
“Let’s Burn This Honkytonk Down” – Jason Murphy
“Going For It” – David Ashley Trent
“Girl in a Summer Song” – Mitch Townley
“Dancing at 99” – Jerry Green