Songs taken at Pitch to Publisher with Sea Gayle Music


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Happy Holidays! To celebrate the season, NSAI will be closed beginning December 21st at 2:00PM CT and will re-open January 2nd at 10:00AM CT.

The following songs were taken at last week's Pitch to Publisher workshop with Jake Gear from Sea Gayle! Congrats to all of our members.

“Carry On” by Steve Strecker
“Rub a Little Dirt On It” by Jeremy Burchard/ Scott/ Tilbury
“Forget Me Not” by Hanna Ross
“Sinner That I Am” by John Dindinger
“The Movies” by Joe Slyzelia/ Donna King
“Lipstick” by Melissa Sheridan/Anna Vaus/Hannah Bethel
“So I Won’t Wish I Had” by Greg Black/Chris Black
“Get Gone” by Ian Christian
“Two Cold Coronas” by Joni DeLaurier/Aaron Pollock
“Koozie” by Elizabeth Mossell/Will Duvall/Clayton Severson
“Wildfire” by Ellie Painter/Tyler Madden
“Quitter” by Brett Mandel/Troy Castellano
“Change” by Raymy Krumrei
“Cinderella and the Man in the Moon” by Paul Aldrich/Randy Davis/Alysa Vanderheym
“Glorious Love” by Hugh Heagney
“Danglin” by Raquel Telfer