Songs Taken by Spoon Williams at Pitch to Publisher

Thank you to Spoon Williams (Bandwagon Red) for joining us for another successful pitch night! Congratulations to the following members who had their song taken:

1.  Joe Daccache-Should've Known Better

2.  Tyler Dial- Damn Good Time

3.  Rachel Dixon-  War Paint

4.  Mike Easterday-  I Don't Wanna Drink Tonight

5.  JW Faria-  Catchin' a Buzz

6.  Sammy Hakim-  I Need a Man

7.  Donna King-  Sugar Rush

8.  Emily Kroll-  Girls

9.  Tim Mlynarski-  Getting Closer

10.  Josh Roberts-  More Than That

11.  Barry Russell-  Crystal Ball

12.  Suzie Russell-  Fade

13.  Josh Ryan-  American Dream

14.  Laura Vance-  Take it to the Grave

15.  Aimee Zimmerman-  Climbing Trees

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