Martin Vipond

"For the past 2+ years, NSAI has been instrumental in helping me along my song crafting journey. Face to face coaching from publishers at seminars, Song Camp, and Pro songwriters in the NSAI offices have accelerated my skills far beyond what I could have ever done on my own. The staff, online and in person, are always at the ready to help and make members feel welcome. And that goes for songwriters at every level from first songs to major cuts. Thank-You NSAI!"

Kate Cosentino

"At age 13, I became an NSAI member at my local NSAI Chapter in Kansas City. From that room in a dusty old church, I learned what it means to be a songwriter. Monthly meetings brought me song feedback, insight into the industry in Nashville and friendships I still cherish. I would not have been as prepared as I was to move to Nashville and study songwriting at Belmont University if I hadn’t attended Advanced Songwriting Camp, Pitch to Publisher, Tin Pan South, and the many other wonderful NSAI events. NSAI is a community that cherishes and champions writers.