Successful First Online Pitch Of 2015!

Jeff Skaggs Pitch to Publisher Recap

The first Online Pitch of the year was a huge success!!! 15 out of 48 songs were taken- that's a one in three chance that your song was chosen. Many thanks to Jeff Skaggs and everyone involved. The writers and their songs taken last night included the following:

1. Sarah Spencer- "Little One Bedroom"
2. Troy Castellano- "Are You With Me"
3. Matthew Cox- "The Weekend"
4. Kristen Stever- "Watching The Fire Die"
5. Jonathan Dean- "Hard To Break"
6. Socie Marie Saltwater- "Ruby Red"
7. Brenda Rhodes- "Everything You Dream"
8. Christopher Rizan- "Tipsy"
9. JJ Como- "My First Time"
10. Ele Gilliland- "Love and Poison"
11. Brooke Malouf- "I Don't Want To"
12. Justin Lafferty- "We Met In A Bar"
13. PJ Ju- "US Highways"
14. Kaleb Austin- "Take Me"
15. Jared Daniels- "One More Song"

Get ready for our next Online Pitch February 2nd with Travis Carter from Warner/Chappell! Registration opens Monday, January 26th at 11:00 a.m. CST.