Summer 2017 Publisher Luncheon - CD Recommendations

Each quarter NSAI invites all of the local Nashville Music Publishers and PRO Reps to attend a luncheon. Congratulations to the NOMINEES whose songs are being considered for the CD that goes home with 50+ Music Publishers. Songs considered for this CD are recommended by the NSAI Song Evaluation Service and the NSAI Membership Representatives.
These songs were recommended between 4/1/17 - 6/30/17.

Amber Thacker- What’s Missing (Country)
Amber Thacker- I Need Me (Country)
Analisa Rotella- Used to You (Country)
Ashley Briggs- Shade (Country)
Briana Renea- Warning Label (Country)
Carma Kelley- It Comes From Him (Gospel)
Cathy Elmore- UNENDINGLY WITH HIM (Contemporary Christian)
Cathy Elmore- Shepard's Call (Contemporary Christian)
Costas Bigalis- HIS LIGHT IN OUR SOUL (Contemporary Christian)
Gil Polk- When You’re Awake **WINNER OF THE TOP 40 CONTEST
Graham Cossick - Rebel In You, Devil In Me
Graham Cossick - Mr. Kringle
Halley Elwell- The Rain (Pop)
Ian McConnell- All the Time in the World (Country)
John Stanislawski - Here Tonight
Jacob Noe- You Remind Me (Country)
Jacob Noe- Hard Pill to Swallow (Pop)
Janine de Souza- HOMEMADE (de Souza/ McKay/ McKinney) (Country)
Kat Saul- 21 Days
Kelly McKay- Change the Station (Country)
Kelly McKay- Getaway Car (Country)
Kenneth Bales- Half of Me (Country)
Kevin Kenny- When They Least Expect It
Kris Bradley- We make Our Own Tune (R&B)
Laura Guthrie- LET GOT LEAD THE WAY (Contemporary Christian)
Lauren McLamb - Wasted Fantasy **Winner of Song Contest
Leslie Bowe- Fall Backwards (Country)
Lew Garrison- What A Lucky Night (Country)
Marialaina DiFalco- One More (Country)
Melissa Sheridan- Stereo Typical Girls (Country)
Michael Hughes- Alcohol and Exes (Country)
Michael Nelson- Jesus And My Wife (Country)
Mike Mentz- Cigarette
Neil Sleevi- Come Follow Me (Gospel)
Paul Vance- Cruisin’ Sixty-One (rewrite) (Country)
Sarah Williams- Family Tree (Country)
Scott Voelkerding- Wishful Drinking (Country)
Scott Voelkerding- Caffeine and Gassoline (McKay/ Smentek/ Voelkerding) (Country)
Sean Harrison- Wake Up Dead (Country)
Steven Smentek- Drinkin’ Days (Jones/ Smentek) (Country)
Tom Martel- On The Friday Side (Praise Worship)
Zachary Laughlin- Run Around (Country)

Check back next week for a list of the 10-15 songs that SUCCESSFULLY MADE the Publisher Luncheon CD for SPRING 2017!