What the campers had to say about Song Camp 2016

NSAI Song Camp 2016 was a huge success and below are just some of the feedback from our attendees to prove it! Thanks to our featured speakers and guest teachers for taking time out of your busy schedules to offer your expertise and lessons you've learned along the way. REGISTER FOR SONG CAMP 2017

"It was so great to hear everyone's art and to learn so much from such great writers. It is always so inspiring to be around so many like minded people." - Steve Vito

"So inspired I might explode. You are ALL so awesome. Always a highlight of my summer!" – Chad Hamilton
"Life changing weekend. Met some amazing people. So glad we'll get to reconnect NSAI Advanced Song Camp 2016 smith some of you! Thanks to the encouragement from some of the pro writers and the whole NSAI staff for putting on this amazing event." – Shaun St. Cyr
"Thanks to NSAI and all the songwriters for a fantastic weekend! Great to meet everyone and can't wait to write with some of you!" – Lindsay Siddall
"I've been flirting with songwriting for 3 years, this weekend I fell in love and got engaged thanks to NSAI and all the instructors. It was great to meet you all, to my fellow writers, it was great having this experience with you, good luck, hope to see you soon." – Sammy Grillasca
"Had so much fun y'all!! Thanks to the whole NSAI team and writers who dedicated their time to helping us better the craft. So grateful for the opportunity and to have met some awesome talented new friends from all over!!!" – Nicolette DioGuardi
"Had a great time guys! Big thanks to Leah, the whole NSAI crew, the pro instructors, and all the attendees!" – Gregory White
"It was great getting to meet all of you at Song Camp! So many incredible writers from all over the world. Thanks to Leah and the entire NSAI team!" – KC Steedle
"I learned so much this weekend and I can't wait to apply it to my songs to see them get better and better!! I wish I could've met everybody that was there!! Thank you To everyone who put this together and made it happen!!!" - Shelly LaBash
"I had a great time this weekend too! Today during one of my sessions, Lance Carpenter said something like, "At this point in Nashville, no one really *needs* any more songs, but everyone in this business could use another friend" as he was emphasizing the importance of connection and community. I thought that focus on kindness (also echoed in Rusty Gaston's talk) was beautiful." – Laura Mustard
"Thank you to everyone for an amazing Song Camp! Best experience ever! Thank you for your time." – Marta Olejarz
"This weekend was one of the greatest experiences I have had so far! So many new things learned and I can't wait to continue writing!" – Brooklyn Marie

Songwriter, JT Harding with Song Camp attendees