Why NSAI Song Camps are worth every penny

“Oh look, there is another advertisement about NSAI Song Camps. What is all the fuss about?” I am sure this is a pretty common question many of you ask yourselves... Let me briefly attempt to explain why NSAI Song Camp and Advanced Song Camp are worth every. penny. 

Have you ever sat down with a professional songwriter and played them one of your songs? You get to do this not once, not twice, but three times at Song Camp. And not only are they listening to your song, they are giving professional advice and feedback on it. So you may think that’s cool, but it’s unfortunate that it’s in a group setting. Now that may be, but if you think about it, you not only receive the feedback from your song, but you get to hear what is said about all of the other songs. I am sure there are many common mistakes people share while writing. That is over 10x the amount of information and advice you have exposure to! Now let’s flip this scenario. How many of you have ever had a professional songwriter dissect one of their hit songs for you? You have three opportunities where you get to learn the secrets that went into the creative process of songs that made it big. At Song Camp, there are songwriters in all stages of their journeys. Some may have never played for a group of people before. So may play out all the time, but they never get to play THEIR material. You have two opportunities to play out at a popular Nashville venue or in a more casual setting with only your peers.
Having the opportunity to play your song for a publisher is a dream for many. At Advanced Song Camp, that becomes a reality. Although this is in no way a pitch session, some publishers do end up taking material they are fond of. Do you wish that you could sit down with an industry professional and just get lay it all out there? It’s nice talking to friends and family about your aspirations, but they don’t know the industry like we do. You receive a private 30-minute session with an industry professional to get song feedback, discuss goals, and ask anything to. Well maybe not ANYTHING, but you get the gist. At Advanced Camp you also have the opportunity to have your material listened to by an industry professional, like the ones who have hit songs themselves! In your small group, you not only get personal feedback, but you get exposure to the advice and feedback they give others, more bang for your buck! Attendees are given the chance to play a Writers Round at a popular Nashville venue. You never know who will be sitting in the audience in Nashville, what great exposure! 
You can’t put a price tag on industry access, and that’s what you get at these camps. Not to mention it is a great place to network and create relationships with the other attendees. There is something about being an environment with people that all share the same passion as you. NSAI Song Camp and Advanced Camp are something you will want to experience!

This article was written by NSAI Events Director, Leah Pitts.