Workshop Recap: Pitch to Publisher with Kendall Lettow

Thank to Kendall Lettow (THiS Music) for a great Pitch to Publisher workshop last night! The following NSAI member's songs were taken: 

1. "US Highways" PJ Ju 
2. "Olivette" Preston Sanders 
3. "Mind Missing You" Jackson Gulick
4. "Tipsy" Chris Ashlee
5. "Because of PBR" Benjamin Butler
6. "Take Me" Kaleb Austin
7. "Chillin Time" Evan Elliot
8. "Workin on Me" Justin Phillips
9. "Room With A View" Ken Matthiesen
10. "Catchin a Buzz" J.W. Faria
11. "My First Song" Evan Thompson
12. "You and me and Jim Beam" Brittany Hadley
13. "You Got Me" Frank Hurd


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