16th Annual Song Contest Winners Announced




Grand Prize: “PatiOasis” - Blaine Younger – Olathe, KS

Lyric Only: “No Country for Old Men” – Jeff Tiffin and Steve Geery – Aubrey, TX

Runner Up: “Want To” – Jeff Hodge, Madison Olson, Robert Olsen and Keith Pulvermacher – Decatur, AL
Runner Up: “Old Shoebox” – Arkady Gelman and Sid Menon – Nashville, TN
Runner Up: “Skinny Dippin’” – Cody Parks and Dan Hannon – Monroe, GA
Runner Up: “Scope” – Lauren Black, Kyle Wesley and David Batt – Rancho Santa Monica Margarita, CA
Runner Up: “Sleep Over” – Russell Sutton, Drew Green and Kenneth Duncan – Austin, TX
Runner Up: “Silent” – Ashley Leone – Blue Bell, PA
Runner Up: “Tiny Towns” – Russell Sutton, Nick Columbia and Gary Cantrelle – Austin, TX
Runner Up: “She’s Looking Again” - Don Woodruff – Collierville, TN
Runner Up: “Lois Lane” – Kinslee Melhorn – Decatur, TN
Runner Up: “Something Blue” – Kris Bradley and Katrina Burgoyne – Nashville, TN


Honorable Mention: “I’ll Be Your Rain” – Jayne Sachs – Dayton, OH
Honorable Mention: “Just Me, Jesus” – Tara Shannon – Russell, ON Canada
Honorable Mention: “Rub a Little Dirt On It” – Jeremy Burchard, Jennica Scott and Jo-Leah Tilbury – Austin, TX
Honorable Mention: “Singalong Summer Song” – Isabeau Miller, Shaun Balin and Paul “Relli” Barber – Nashville, TN
Honorable Mention: “Size Matters” – Powell Peebles and Joe Fox - Nashville, TN
Honorable Mention: “So Close” – Russell Sutton and Lee Starr – Austin, TX
Honorable Mention: “Sunshine State of Mind” – Brian Rhea – Franklin, TN
Honorable Mention: “Small Town Big Deal” – Donna King and Lee Black – Nashville, TN
Honorable Mention: “Rest of Them” – Lexi Peto – Hendersonville, TN
Honorable Mention: “My Radio” – Nora Collins and Briana Tyson – Brookfield, WI