5 Ways To Fuel Your Creativity


We all love it when our creativity is firing on all cylinders. For some, creativity is just a part of them. For others, creativity comes in waves and there are times when you just don't feel that creative spark igniting. Here are a few tricks to help you fuel your creativity when your tank is running low.


Sometimes trying something new is all you need to get your creative juices flowing. When we try new things or experience something new, we take ourselves to new places literally and figuratively. It can be a great way to allow your creativity to travel into new territory. 
Songwriting is a beautiful form of art, but it’s not the only form. Another way to refuel your creative tank is to step outside your medium. Head to an art museum. Read a novel or non-fiction work. Watch a movie or binge a series. Dust off your old cookbook, and whip up an edible creation. Changing up your art gives yourself a break while also revving up your creative engine.
We talk about this a lot at NSAI! Professional songwriters talk about it all the time. Finding your community is so essential for a multitude of reasons. Find your tribe in songwriting, not only for your career and personal goals but also on the creative side. Connecting with fellow creatives brings more ideas to the table. Connect with other creatives and see how your creative fuel tank rises. 
It is almost impossible to be creative when you are tired. Let yourself take a break and rest. It can be the most effective way to charge your creative batteries. Recognize when you need the break, and allow yourself to take it.
Routines are great, but routines can get us into a rut of the same, well . . . routine. Break out of your routine from time to time. Take a new way to work. Change up your usual evening plans. Engage in a new activity. These small switch-ups to your routine can get you feeling inspired and seeing things in a new, fresh way.