5 Ways to Map Out Your Songwriting Goals in 2019

It's that time of year again to set goals for the New Year! We recently  hosted a workshop with our Membership Team, inviting members to discuss and collaborate on their aspriations going forward. We talked about how short-term goals aid in finishing long-term goals and the motivation behind them both. Here are some key takeaways from our workshop:
1.      Manifest!
To manifest is to exude the feelings you want out of the universe. Simply put, if you want happiness, show the world happiness! If you want to be a professional songwriter, show the universe that you are doing your part and you will attract like-minded people to help you with your journey. Goals attract motivation and motivation lends itself to success!
2.      Think 'Attainable'
Everyday, you can do something small that will turn into a habit. That habit will turn into a lifestyle and that lifestyle is closer to your dream. These type of goals would be things like writing everyday, finding five new cowriters a year or even making one industry connection a month.
3.      Make Connections
It's easier to get a sit-down meeting with people than you think. Simply asking for an informational coffee with someone in the industry after you've known one another for a bit can make all the difference. Networking is an art and if you approach it in a "I want to know YOU better" way instead of a "How can you help ME" way, people in the industry are far more likely to let you pick their brain. These connections, if handled correctly, can lead to friendships and champions for you in the songwriting world.
4.      New Writing Techniques (genres, stream of consciousness)

Get out of your own box! If you strictly write country, make it a goal of yours to expand your songwriting to other genres. Try crossover songs or writing with a cowriter who specifically writes in a genre other than yours to see what comes of the collaboration. If you want to stick to your genre, try a new writing exercise this year like writing from the stream of consciousness. Pick an object and werite everything that comes to mind. Even if it doesn't end up being a song, it will improve your writing ability and offer fresh ideas to start with at your next cowrite.
5.      Use your credits!
NSAI equips you with so many benefits within your membership. These include song evaluations, meetings with member reps, online pitch-to-publisher and song feedback opportunities. Not to mention, we have a HUGE content library chalk full of inspirational and educational videos and blogs that can help you with every realm of the music industry. This year, make it your goal to use all your credits before they expire and your craft will inevitably grow!