5 Ways To Prepare For Your Next Co-Write

Co-Writing can be a tricky dance. Sometimes you take too much, other times you give too little. It’s a constant balancing act of finding what gels with your co-conspirators for your next song. Here are 5 tips to get you started!


  1. Come Prepared! Whether written down on paper or in the notes section of your laptop, come with a few titles and lines written down as conversation starters. These lines could be connected with other writers ideas to spark lyrical gold. 
  2. Show Up On Time: Nobody likes someone who shows up late, your cowriters are taking time out of their busy day to write with you. Show up on time (maybe even early) to your writes to ensure everyone is relaxed and comfortable. 
  3. Trust The Process: Everyone has a different process, be prepared to meet someone who writes differently. Use this as a learning opportunity to flex your creative muscles and learn a new style. Don’t try to overtake the write, feed off the other person and play to their strengths as well as your own. 
  4. Don’t Overwork An Idea: If an idea isn’t working out, IT IS OKAY!! It doesn’t mean the idea isn’t great, it just means it isn’t the right time. Try moving on to another idea or topic, sometimes things don’t click on the first try and that’s okay.  You can always revisit it next time. 
  5. HAVE FUN!: Co-writing invites you into an intimate creative space where you are able to get to know someone on a deeper level. When the creative juices are flowing real magic can be made and true friendships can form alongside great songs.