7 Venues To Play In Nashville

So, you want to be a Nashville songwriter. One of the biggest pieces of advice you will get is to write all the time and play out at writer’s rounds. Here’s your guide to the best places to play whether you’re local or visiting the city! 


Douglas Corner – 2106 8th Ave South

Douglas Corner is a famed club that has been around since 1987, a regular on NSAI’s Tin Pan South circuit, this club is responsible honing the skills of greats like Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, and Alan Jackson. Open Mic nights begin on Tuesday’s at 8pm, in order to play you can call 615-292-2530 between 1 and 6pm the day of. Check out the Douglas Corner website here.


Café Coco – 210 Louise Ave

This little café nestled just right into the Elliston Place area, Café Coco provides a light atmosphere for a mostly college crowd. It runs as a regular coffee shop in the daytime, but nights provide a fun and creative atmosphere for poetry readings, comedy, and of course live music. If you’re interested in playing Café Coco, their Writer’s Nights happen every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 10:30pm. Signups begin each night at 7 but they fill up fast so you need to get there early! For more information click here.


The Listening Room – 618 4thAve South

The Listening Room is one of Nashville’s newest and most popular venues. Many rounds and shows take place there including some of our Tin Pan South rounds. Unlike previous venues in this list, Listening Room doesn’t do sign-ups for their rounds but rather has you submit the information online. They will then contact you about possible dates to play! Check out the application here.


Puckett’s Grocery – 500 Church Street

Puckett’s Grocery has been around the Nashville area since the 1950’s. Puckett’s has locations in Nashville, Franklin, Leiper’s Fork, Columbia, Murfreesboro, and Chattanooga and they LOVE songwriter’s. If you play your own songs and have a knack for the small town country store vibe, Puckett’s is the place for you. Application for Puckett’s can be found here.


The Bluebird Café – 4104 Hillsboro Pike 

The Bluebird Café offers an amazing opportunity for active NSAI Chapter Members. Sunday Writers Nights run from 8 to 11pm every Sunday night and feature 8 songwriters who play 3 songs each. Check the Bluebird website for auditor times or take a shot at their Monday Night Open Mic! 

Open Mic sign ups open from 11am-12pm Central Time every Monday and they only take the first 25 writers to call. Click here to learn more.


Alley Taps – 162 Printer’s Alley

Located in the historic Printer’s Alley, Alley Taps gives a peak back in time into the Old Nashville way. If you aren’t looking for wild and crazy, this is the place to go. With live music every night they bear the slogan, “The Home of Future Country Music”. For information on how to play click here.


Two Old Hippies

Located in the Gulch, Two Old Hippies is a store owned by two self-proclaimed “Hippies” who were deeply inspired by the 60’s era and old school Rock N’ Roll. As well as being a venue, the shop also houses instruments and a retail space. It’s the [perfect place for a budding writer to hone in their chops and try out some tunes. For booking inquiries contact booking@twooldhippies.com.