EARS September 2022


September 2022 “Recommended” Songs Considered for Pub Luncheon

Congratulations to the writers below who had songs Recommended for Consideration for Publisher Luncheon. These were submitted to the Song Evaluation Service and were recommended by the NSAI Evaluators who reviewed them. NSAI staffers will review all songs recommended for the possibility of a Fall 2022 Publisher Luncheon. Be sure to take a look at the hometowns of these great writers. Who knows… you may find your next co- writer! With NSAI members from all over the world, one of these folks might live just around the corner from you!


Recommended for Consideration


Kelly Williams – “Paradise Again" – Atlanta, GA

Roger Fournier – “Whiskey Bandaid” – Eatonton, GA

Michael McFarland – “Best in the South (She Got Me Good)” – Cleveland, OH

Thomas James – “Different Roads” - Clemmons, NC

Carin Fradin – “Listen To Country,” "Love, Mom" – Hillsborough, CA

Tedd Swormstedt – “One Less Broken Heart’”- Cincinnati, OH

Madelyn Paquette – “Love To You” – Sudbury, MA

Jayne Sachs – “Love, Tequila” - Trotwood, OH


*Names listed above do not reflect writers who have had songs recommended at any time other than September 2022.*


These writers are being recognized by our evaluators as writers who are on the rise! These members have gotten the attention of our evaluators for their unique and promising writing skills. Keep an eye on these folks… they just keep getting better!




Eve Suchy – Mandan, ND

Joel Hoffman - Alpharetta, GA

Buck Bradberry – Charlotte, NC

Aaron Rose - Arvada, CO

Robin Branda – Thomasville, GA

Matt Morris- Newnan, GA

Roger Fournier - Eatonton, GA

Ashley Morris - Newnan, GA

Kenny Domash - St. Louis, MO

Carl Imes - Newnan, GA

Thomas James - Clemmons, NC

Gary Kreie - Kirkwood, MO

James Logrando - Nashville, TN

Lauren Murray - New York, NY

Chris Black - Tuscumbia, AL

Mario Almonte - Fresh Meadows, NY

Michael Hahn - Orleans, VT

Holdyn Barder - Nashville, TN

Robert Maxwell - East Meadow, NY

Al Lama - Brooklyn, NY

Joseph Greene - San Antonio, TX

Christina Meyer - New Berlin, WI

Jay Coover - Bothell, WA

Emma Barge - Nashville, TN

Ashley Forrest - Smyrna, TN

Marcus Brown - Eugene, OR

Keri Edwards - Lancaster, PA

*Names listed above do not reflect writers who have been recognized as "Ones to Watch" at any time other than September 2022.*