Jamie Floyd


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Grammy-nominated songwriter and West Palm Beach native, Jamie Floyd, has had songs recorded by Ronnie Dunn, Ashley Monroe, Miranda Lambert, Hayden Panettiere, Kellie Picker, Lucie Silvas and Brian McKnight. Her critically acclaimed EP Sunshine & Rainbows features "The Blade," a song that was also recorded by Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert. Their version earned Floyd her first Grammy nomination. “The Blade” was also named one of "The Best Songs of 2015" by The New York Times, Billboard Magazine and NPR. Floyd recently made her national television debut, performing her version of the song as a finalist on USA Network’s new hit reality series, Real Country. Her rendition of the song was met with a standing ovation by Shania Twain! Jamie also appeared in, wrote and recorded the entire 12 song soundtrack for the major motion picture THE LAST MOVIE STAR. It is the last film ever made by Burt Reynolds and also stars Ariel Winter and Chevy Chase."Yet To Come" (cowritten by Jamie) that closes the final scene of the movie, was awarded "Best Original Song In A Feature Film" by the Nashville Film Festival. Jamie is also featured in the critically acclaimed music documentary THE LAST SONGWRITER alongside Garth Brooks, Jason Isbell, Allen Shamblin, Tony Arata, Tom Douglas and Emmylou Harris. She is currently writing the original music for an upcoming Broadway musical while touring the U.S. beginning in the spring of 2019.


West Palm Beach, FL


How long have you been in Nashville?  

Working here 21 years, living here 16. When it comes to One-on-One Mentoring, what genres do you focus on?  I have had a very diverse experience as a professional songwriter, taking on various and very different opportunities at full speed when they have come my way—so, I have had experience writing as a commercial songwriter for country and pop artists, written specifically for television movies and also prime time TV series. I have written an entire major motion picture soundtrack and now I am currently writing all the original music for a new Broadway play. All those areas and genres are experiences I can focus on in a session. Also, I have been an artist signed to a major label at 11 years old and have appeared and performed on live TV as an artist—released music as an indie artist as well. I am able to speak from all of these perspectives, having experienced them all firsthand.


What are your greatest successes in songwriting?  

Writing the Grammy nominated title track of Ashley Monroe’s sophomore album, “The Blade,” then getting to perform my version of it as it’s songwriter on live TV and receiving a standing ovation from Shania Twain! 

Writing (and performing) the entire major motion picture soundtrack for Burt Reynolds’ final film, THE LAST MOVIE STAR. 

Appearing alongside heroes like Garth Brooks and Emmylou Harris in the documentary THE LAST SONGWRITER (using my story as a songwriter up against all odds) to help pass the MMA. 


What is your specialty?  

Overall, making my dreams of becoming a professional songwriter & artist come true despite every imaginable obstacle. Songwriting: impactful lyric writing and editing, crafting melodies that are emotion based primarily and that don’t follow the ‘rules,’ project writing for film, TV & Broadway & writing quality songs under extreme timelines/pressure that are placed for deadlines. 

Anything else we should know about you as a mentor?  

I have spent months at a time working in the music communities of Los Angeles & NYC as well as Nashville. I feel like I have experienced the music business in almost every possible scenario, both good and bad! I have a real desire to be sure no one is taken advantage of and to share my highest highs and lowest lows with the next generation to educate in hopes that my mistakes aren’t repeated, and my successes are.


Who is your hero and why? 

Bonnie Raitt. She had success come later in life and was all of the things I wish I’ll be someday as a legendary writer, artist, humanitarian & performer.


What is your favorite place to eat in Nashville?  

Eating is my favorite thing to do so this is not easily answered. Rolf & Daughters, Barbara’s, Barcelona, Chauhan, Avo, Lyra, Desano’s & it keeps going.


What do you want to be when you grow up?  

At this point it is more about what I don’t want to be: a waitress. I am currently under contract to write an entire Broadway musical by myself and I cannot secure a publishing deal in Nashville— so I work as a server to pay myself to write full time at Josephine in 12 South until that begins to truly take off. I am ready for the moment when I get to walk away from the restaurant forever. I am all about being entirely honest about the fact that things are not always glamorous— I will always be open about my experiences and I truly believe your risk will be your reward should you choose to never give up.