JRM Publishing - 16 Songs Selected!


Congratulations to the following members who had their songs taken by Sarah Robbins at JRM Publishing! A copy of the song will be sent to the team there for further review. They have your email address as well if they choose to continue the conversation.

Christmas Came Early Tonight - Gary Sclafani

Take Back My Ring - Oliver Pigott

If The World Doesn't End - Amrita Soon

Young Love - Bobby Watson

Roll Away The Stone - Tracy Richardson

Polaroid Memories - Jim McCarter

If You're Gonna Go - Jeff Fodor

What Do I Have - Larry Jay

Just Kidding - Peter Anlyan

King Of Beer - Donnie Napier

How Much Hell Can I Raise - Dana Crawford

When I Was Eight Years Old - Tim Rand

Nobody Somebody - Gary Quinn

Hooked - Tom Dixon

Me and Drinkin' - Frank LeBaron

Ruin My Reputation - Joyce Sampson


Keep up the good work!