NSAI Chapter Challenge - Congratulations to the 2021 Local Chapter Finalists



NASHVILLE, TN (May 10, 2021) - NSAI is excited to share the local chapter finalists for the 2021 NSAI Chapter Challenge with Anthem Entertainment. NSAI thanks each of its members for being a part of our Virtual Chapter Challenge this April. We received 66 coordinator submissions and had 67 NSAI members that were finalists at their local chapters. Songs selected by a listening committee at NSAI will be sent to Anthem Entertainment for consideration for a single-song contract. Congratulations!



The NSAI Chapter Challenge takes place every April throughout NSAI’s Regional Chapters. Any member can bring one song to their local chapter meeting and members select the winning entry.  All NSAI Regional Chapter coordinators are also allowed to submit one song. NSAI narrows those songs down to a list of finalists before submitting them for consideration by the publishing partner.