Online Pitch (Black River Entertainment) - 13 Songs Selected!

Congratulations to the following members, who had their songs taken by Rebekah Gordon at Black River Entertainment during our latest Online Pitch session!

Jonathan Posey “All Fade Away”
Ava Noel Stranahan “Drunk or Sober”
Catherine James “Empty Well”
Dani Taylor “Forever In Your Eyes”
Gary Shaffer “Ive Burned My Boats”
Gary Sclafani “Learning To Dance In The Rain”
Frank J. Snelson “Living In My Name”
Joyce Sampson “My Kinda Lyin”
Devon Beck “Say To You”
Sarah Peterson “Slow Road Home”
Quentin Hall “Take A Second”
Caroline Dare “Two Different Parties”
Eve Suchy “Winging It”

A copy of the song will be sent to their team for further review, along with your email address should they choose to continue the conversation. Keep up the good work!