Online Pitch (Universal Music Publishing Group) - 12 Songs Selected!


Congratulations to the following members who had their songs taken by Roxy King at Universal Music Publishing Group! A copy of the song will be sent to the team there for further review. They have your email address as well if they choose to continue the conversation.

City Limits - Greer Baxter

The Hearse - Meghan VanKurin

Stuck Between - Carey Latham

Pouring Him Out - Kate Zickler

I'll Always Call It Home - Jim Groves

I'd Be Lying - Cody Quillen

This Old Truck - Scott Bliven

Heart Problem - Caroline Dare

Shot In The Dark - Kevin Mac

Yankee Girl - Claudia Mikail

The Hammer - Steven Sumners

How Many Fingers You Got Me Wrapped Around - Beldon Burch


Keep up the good work!