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Lee Thomas Miller and Brad Paisley have stolen another #1 spot on the charts! "Perfect Storm" claimed #1 on Billboard's Country Airplay this week to go along with their #1 on Mediabase. Way to stir the perfect storm in music history! (sorry, we couldn't resist :)) Billboard Country Airplay

We are sad to announce that our Membership Representative, Josh Jernigan will be leaving us! Josh has been working for NSAI for almost 2 years and we will miss his fun loving personality and warm welcome to our members.

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January 6, 2015- We are would like to congratulate our NSAI Board President Lee Thomas Miller on his #1 song "Perfect Storm," written with Brad Paisley! "Perfect Storm" is Paisley's 23rd #1 on his latest record. What a memorable start to your New Year! - See more at: