We had a great time with Brooke Yancey (Kobalt) at Online Pitch last night! Congratulations to the following members who had their song taken:

"Back Porch"- Dave Afflerbach
"Honky-Tonk Hot Tub"- Tom Dixon and Chris Fears
"Get My Cowgirl On"- Matthew Dunn
"On Saturday"- Loralei Ells
"Fall"- Casey MacKenzie

On behalf of the Board of Directors, NSAI Executive Director and Senior Director of Operations, Bart Herbison and Jennifer Turnbow, presented Dolly Parton with sheet music for “Tennessee Waltz” signed by the writers, Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King.

Thank you to Dolly for being an inspiration to songwriters and artists everywhere! We appreciate Dolly's staff for allowing us to stop by her offices today for this memorable moment!

Huge thanks to Alex Stefano (Big Yellow Dog Music) for being our guest at Online Pitch last night! Congratulations to the following members who had their song taken:

"Skinny Dippin’"- Cody Hutchings
If It Kills Me"- Seth Jackson

The NSAI staff and songwriter faculty had a fabulous time this past weekend at Song Camp! While we would love to write a super long paragraph about the event, I think our members' experiences speak for themselves. :) Here are a few social mentions about the workshops, song critique sessions and performance opportunities through Twitter and Instagram! We look forward to next year's event and hope you plan to join us! Check out the rest of our photos on Facebook

Thank you to Joe Salvo (BMG) for being our guest publisher last night! Congratulations to the following members who had their song taken:

1)      "Look Who’s Laughin’ Now" – Nancy Reid Ludwig
2)      "Quicksand" – John Robert Hemingway
3)      "She Still Does" – Randy Davis
4)      "Don’t Love Me Anymore" – Zach Lambert
5)      "She’s Virginia" – Bryan Frazier
6)      "I’m Buying" – PJ Ju
7)      "His Old Brown Chair" – Denise Pharris
8)      "Still Missing You" – Tim Clark
9)      "Stay" – Sebastain Garcia

June 1-30 “Recommended” Songs Considered for P2P Luncheon.

Congratulations to the writers below who had songs recommended between June 1 and June 30 for consideration for our “Pitch to Publisher” luncheon. These songs came into the Song Evaluation Service and were recommended by the NSAI Evaluator who reviewed them.

Courtney Crist (HoriPro) and NSAI's Mary Haynes

This September 2015, spend the day with Los Angeles/San Diego chapters on the Pacific Coast hearing from music business leaders! This special event includes lesson plans from Doug Johnson (songwriter and VP of A&R at Black River Records), Bart Herbison (NSAI's Executive Director) and a Publisher Panel Listening Session featuring LA/Nashville-based publishers! We hope you can join us!

Embrace Critics. Embrace Change.
By Krista Darting

A little over a decade ago, I received priceless career/life advice from a well-respected boss. In reviewing a business report I gave him, he asked me why I analyzed the information the way I had. My response was “That’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Remember. Reflect. Regroup
By Shannon Gursky