About Our Services - by Jill Moody

Hey Friends! 

I know some of you are new to NSAI, signed up when we were virtual, or have been members for years. I wanted to talk to you all about the services we offer and how best to utilize them! 

Song Evaluations: These are super great, whether you are co-writing or writing solo. A song eval is having a pro-writer review your song in its entirety. I would like you all to keep in mind that these are subjective, if the evaluator makes a suggestion that you do not agree with, absolutely do not make that change. These are all suggestions to make you think about your song, ask yourself if you pushed enough or if you can neaten that line, evaluate if you the best bridge, etc. 

Mentor Sessions: The best 45 minutes to have candid conversations with songwriters and other industry pros. Submit up to 3 songs for feedback or just enjoy getting to spend some time with folks that are here to help support you! 

Online Song Feedback: This is a pre-recorded song feedback you to not need to be present for. To participate you will submit a song on the designated registration date, and then the pro-writer or industry pro, will evaluate the first verse and chorus of each song that is registered. Same as the evaluations, these are to help and are completely subjective. Results will be sent out by email once recorded!

Online Pitch: Dun dun dun….  Fan favorite. This service is the most sought after when it opens and is not always easy to get in, but I encourage you all to keep trying! I have members email all the time and on the 2nd or 3rd try they get in.  When it comes to pitch, you should look at this is a way for the guest to recognize your name and get familiar with your songs.  If they pass on your song, its does not mean there is anything wrong, it just means they didn’t feel like they would have a place for it. If the publisher/industry pro takes a copy, your song will be added to a playlist of songs that the membership team will send to the pro. Once that playlist is sent along, we wait. Sometimes we do not hear anything, sometimes the guest for the pitch requests more songs from a songwriter. Always remember, we will always keep you in the loop if we hear anything. 

Other great services that you should be using:

Content Library: The best resource for learning available 24/7. You can search topics and find videos on just about everything from Sync, Publishing, Co-Writing, etc.  We also have a monthly blog that features a topic each month to prompt creativity and discussion.

Member Directory: this is the best way to meet other writers in your area!  Are you a lyricist that needs to meet a melody writer? You can add that into the search. Looking to co-write with artists? That’s also an option!  

CHAPTERS: I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to affiliate with chapters - and you can be a part of as many as you want, and join in on their meetings! There are a lot of you that do not feel like you live in a “music town,” and this is a way for you to still be part of any music city! This is a great way for you all to meet other writers, artists, creators. We have lots of fun things happening at the chapter level, so you are missing out if you are not affiliated with at least one! 


~ Jill Moody, Director or Membership