NSAI Member Claire Kelly Scores Sync Placement in Station 19

NSAI Member Claire Kelly is celebrating a sync placement in TV drama, Station 19! The song "Out of the Dark" was written by Claire Kelly, Wilson Harwood and Jason Zerbin. Placed in Station 19 Season 2 Episode 6 in the final scene of the show. Read the writeup below to learn more about Claire's sync story and how NSAI had a hand in guiding her towards this opportunity!

I moved to Nashville a little over two years ago to further my songwriting career. In one of the many attempts to do so, I joined NSAI and started cowriting. In my first couple months I went to a Pitch night at NSAI. It was Tree Vibez with Dane Schmidt and another guy who I'm forgetting. After my song played in the room, Dane asked who was singing on the track. I raised my hand and he told me you need to be writing sync music. And I said "what's sync?"
I kept getting that kind of advice at NSAI pitch nights so I started doing my research, started studying the sync licensing world and connecting with people who were writing for film/tv shows. I have always loved the pairing of audio and visual so it was a crazy exciting avenue that I hasn't really considered before. I started writing with a sync focus with a friend I had just met in Nashville, Wilson Harwood. We started working together to create cool songs in the studio together that we thought would be ideal for film/tv and started pitching them as much as we could. 
A year ago we connected with a songwriter/producer in the UK, Jason Zerbin. We reached out asking for advice in the sync world and Jason took a meeting with us. He then invited us to collaborate with him. Months later, "Out of the Dark" was born. I wrote the chorus on my porch in Nashville, brought it to Wilson's studio and then we got Jason involved. Getting to hear it on ABC network was SURREAL. My darker electronic project with Wilson Harwood is called "De Lune". The song is available on all major platforms as De Lune (feat Jason Zerbin).