Nov 1-30 “Recommended” Songs Considered for P2P Luncheon.

BC Jean became an international sensation when the ballad, “If I Were A Boy," became a worldwide hit on Beyoncé's “I Am…Sasha Fierce” album. BC is now writing and performing songs for her new duo Alexander Jean with boyfriend Mark Ballas, a multi-talented singer/songwriter and dancer.

Trying to squeeze in a few more writing appointments, mentoring sessions and workshops admist the busy holiday season?! Be sure to note the dates below when we are open and closed from now until the rest of the year!

The Department of Justice has requested comments from the public regarding fractional licensing. We feel strongly that 100% licensing would be detrimental for songwriters. View our submission to DOJ on the issue here-> NSAI_DOJFractionalLicensingComments.pdf.

Oct 1-31 “Recommended” Songs Considered for P2P Luncheon.

Congratulations to the writers below who had songs recommended between October 1 and October 31 for consideration for our Publisher Luncheon. These were submitted to the Song Evaluation Service and were recommended by the NSAI Evaluators who reviewed them.

Congratulations to the following members who had their song taken at Online Pitch last night with Danny Traynor (Bandwagon Red):
"Rub A Little Dirt On It"- Jeremy Burchard
"Plain Jane"- Ken Larish, John Hernandez
"Crazy Hot"- Thomas Lilijeruhm
"Ain’t Gonna Rush"- Kelly McGrath
"Don’t Open the Gates"- Gregg Rosenbaum
"Lie, Cheat, and Steal"- David Viglietta

Thanks to Danny for joining us! Upcoming Online Pitch workshops can be found here.

In the past, we’ve received countless stories from NSAI members who have used their songwriting abilities to honor those who have served our country! In light of today’s national holiday, we’d like to highlight a few members of whom we’ve featured in our newsletters and social media. Have you written a song or contributed in a musical project for veterans? Comment below and tell us your story! 

Congratulations to all award winners! We enjoyed each special night and are looking forward to watching the CMA Award Show tonight!  *Those in bold italics are current NSAI Members. 




“Leave The Night On”

NSAI would like to congratulate member Bruce Johnson for receiving a cut on the Noisetrade album benefiting the Steps of Faith Foundation! "Crooked Bangs," written by Bruce and his son Cameron Johnson (recorded by Cameron) benefits the Steps of Faith Foundation, an organization that helps get prosthetics for amputees that cannot afford them.

Congratulations to the following members who had their song taken at Online Pitch last night with Brad Nowell (Zavitson Music Group):

"It's Just a Dress" - Sara Zebley
"Ain't Waiting For the Summer" - John Welch
"Sing In The Sun" - David Viglietta
"Lie Cheat And Steal" - Pat Viglietta 
"Just Say Goodbye"- Isaac Slutzky