June 29th Meeting with NSAI guests Bart and McKenzie

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Here's a reminder that our next Zoom meeting will be a hook-up with Bart and McKenzie from Nashville HQ of NSAI. The meeting will begin at the later time of 8pm UK Time. They're both extremely knowledgeable on songwriting, the business of music and so much more (see their biographies, below) so do feel free to join using the Zoom link on this email and get thinking about what you'd like to grill them on about anything to do with NSAI, your songwriting routines or the music biz, in general.

If you'd like to invite anybody to the meeting you feel would like to know more about NSAI, just let us know and we can send them an invitation.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE IF POSSIBLE BY RESPONDING TO THIS EMAIL. Of course, if things come up during the course of the Zoom, that is also acceptable!

Here's more about Bart:

Herbison is Executive Director of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), the world's largest not-for-profit songwriters trade organization and advocacy group dedicated to the songwriting profession. Established in 1967, NSAI’s membership of nearly 5,000 spans the United States and many other countries. With more than 100 chapters, the association serves aspiring and professional songwriters in all genres of music. They also own The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. Under Herbison's leadership NSAI gained prominence in the national legislative arena. His accomplishments include:

Adoption of the “Music Modernization Act” in 2018, the most important copyright law reform for songwriters in decades.
Creation of the Mechanical Licensing Collective
Led NSAI involvement in the 2016 Copyright Royalty Board trial that led to a historic 44% mechanical royalty increase for American songwriters.
Passage of the landmark "Songwriters Capital Gains Tax Equity Act" in 2006.
Creation of the first-ever Group Copyright Infringement Insurance for songwriters and music publishers.
Acquisition of the world-famous "Bluebird Café" in 2008
Purchase of the "Music Mill" studios as NSAI headquarters in 2005.
In 2018 Herbison received two prestigious national honors for his songwriter advocacy work -- the “Industry Legacy Award” from the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) and the “IP Champion’s Award” from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Center. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Mechanical Licensing Collective.

Appearing in his first movie role, Herbison portrayed himself in the 2017 film "Wheeler" starring Stephen Dorff. He is also featured in the documentary "The Last Songwriter" released in 2018 and the upcoming documentary “It All Begins With A Song” where he serves as Executive Producer. He hosts the weekly video/print interview series “Story Behind the Song” appearing in The Tennessean and other Gannett newspapers.

Here's more about McKenzie:

A native of Hendersonville, Tennessee, McKenzie began her career working in various retail stores as a manager while pursuing her dreams to work in the music industry. In February of 2018 she joined the NSAI team as a receptionist and worked her way up to the prestigious position of International Chapter Director, where she also coordinates the Nashville, TN Chapter. She is passionate about music on all levels and has a background in songwriting. When she was 20, she decided to pursue a more business-oriented career because her love for helping others outweighed her need to write and perform. You can typically find her at a show or writers round enjoying the sounds of local bands, songwriters and artists.


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