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Want to pitch your song to a publisher? With membership, you receive (2) Online Pitch opportunities (in the form of credits on your account) to use throughout your membership year!

Through our Online Pitch service, you will be able to pitch your song to an industry representative from the comfort of your own home. This is a great platform to get a publisher's attention by showing off your songs!

NOTE: Our Online Pitch Service has changed the submission process. The "Submit Your Song" Link will no longer appear at the bottom of this page. You must click fully into the event you're trying to submit for to fill out the webform that will appear on the day and time of registration. Your pitch credit will not be taken until each submission is processed. You will receive a confirmation notification if you've been entered into the pitch. If you experience any technical issues, or receive any error messages, please take a screenshot of the issue and submit them to - You must be logged into your account with NSAI to register for the event and access the form.


UPDATE: Each month we will have TWO Online Pitch events - with two different publishers - opening at the same time. YOU CANNOT REGISTER FOR BOTH EVENTS - please choose the publisher you'd like to use your Pitch credit on. If you register for one Online Pitch, and attempt to register for the second Online Pitch, your second submission will be removed. 

Please email any questions or concerns to Lisa Vo at



STEP 1 - BE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN TO YOUR NSAI ACCOUNT! Register one song (.mp3 & lyrics) for an Online Pitch session when registration opens at the specified date and time. Registration fills up very quickly, so submit as soon as possible!

STEP 2 - The industry guest will listen through a verse and chorus of each song. They will either "pass" or "take a copy" of your song. We video record this; there is no attendance or live stream for the actual session. 

STEP 3 - On the day of the event around 5pm CST you will receive an email with a video link of the pre-recorded Online Pitch Session to watch at your convenience!

STEP 4 - If the guest opted to "take a copy" of your song, we will provide them with the MP3, lyric sheet, and your contact information.

**We do not guarantee the guest will contact you, and we are unable to give you their contact info.

**The guest in no way owns your material through this service.


Questions about Online Pitch? Email Lisa Vo at

Upcoming Online Pitch Sessions

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Mon, 06/03/2024 - 3:00pm
Fri, 06/28/2024 - 5:00pm
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