How To - Claim Host for Online Zoom Meetings

Log in to Zoom using your personal Zoom account login and password.

1. Select the assigned Zoom link for your monthly Chapter meetings

2. Once the meeting link has opened, select Participants

3. A tab will open to display participants. On the bottom righthand corner of that tab you will see an option to Claim Host.

4. Select Claim Host

5. A window will open up and ask for a 4 - 10 digit number (this is the Host Code)

6. Please type in the Host Code given to you by the Chapter Director to Claim Host

Voila! You're all set!

How To - Check Song Consent & Submission Form Results

Each Chapter has a specific Song Submission link that they provide Chapter members with, in advance of the monthly meetings. If you do not know or have your specific Song Submission Link for your Chapter, please email so she can send you the correct link.

Members will click the Song Submission link, enter their info, sign consent and upload their mp3 and lyrics.

We require each Chapter to use their specific link anytime a song is played during a meeting for privacy and legal reasons.

The Basics of Cowriting with Ralston Wells - Allison Asks

Allison Asks

The Basics of Cowriting with Ralston Wells

A Blog Series By: Allison Barrett

About Our Services - by Jill Moody

Hey Friends! 

I know some of you are new to NSAI, signed up when we were virtual, or have been members for years. I wanted to talk to you all about the services we offer and how best to utilize them! 

Developing An Idea by Amanda Flynn Phillips

“Developing an Idea”

Blog by - Amanda Flynn Phillps

“It’s very helpful to start with something that’s true. If you start with something that’s false. You're always covering your tracks. Something simple and true, that has a lot of possibilities, is a nice way to begin.” - Paul Simon

Songspiration by Songwriter & Producer Jessica Sharman



People often ask me as a songwriter, ‘where does your inspiration come from’? It’s a tricky question, because sometimes an idea just seems to arrive without me having any idea how it got there. When this happens it can feel so easy, it sometimes feels like cheating.

Advice on Getting A Publishing Deal from Warner Chappell's Will Overton

“How do I get a publishing deal?”

It’s one of the questions NSAI member reps get asked the most by aspiring professional songwriters.