NSAI Services Spotlight: Nashville Weekly Workshops 101

By Kayleigh Shoemaker, Membership Representative

Hi everyone! We get a lot of questions about how our workshop nights operate, so I thought I’d go through each one so new members and out-of-town members know what to expect when they attend!

Royalties & Rights Summary

As explained by Bart Herbison, NSAI Executive Director


When Should I Join a PRO?

By NSAI Membership Representative, Kayleigh Shoemaker

A Booking Agent's Perspective on Record Deals

By Heath Baumhor

Heath is an agent with APA’s Contemporary Music department. His clients include Jessie James Decker, Jacob Whitesides, The Weeks, Becca Mancari, Humming House, Jonathan Tyler, Jade Jackson, Royal Teeth, Elise Davis, Sister Hazel, Gaelic Storm, and Yacht Rock Revue.

Photo by Alexey Ruban on Unsplash

Once You're Signed, The Hard Work Begins!

Written By Erin Kidd

Congratulations on signing your first publishing deal!…Now what…?!

It may seem like you’ve worked harder than ever to get that offer on the table. And while the possibilities of commercial success are now within reach, the exciting reality is that there’s much more work to do. So, what should you expect as a professional songwriter?


Whether you’re trying out co-writing for the first time or you are well-seasoned writing with others, here are a few tips on how to “get in the writing room” with people that you want to write with.


Social Media Insights for the Artist-Writer

By Membership Representative, Dana Lalevee

As an NSAI Membership Representative, I get a lot of inquiries from our artist-writer members about social media. How can I build a bigger following? How can I get people to pay attention to my social media? How does social media even work? These are excellent questions with exceedingly complex answers.