Songspiration by Songwriter & Producer Jessica Sharman



People often ask me as a songwriter, ‘where does your inspiration come from’? It’s a tricky question, because sometimes an idea just seems to arrive without me having any idea how it got there. When this happens it can feel so easy, it sometimes feels like cheating.

Advice on Getting A Publishing Deal from Warner Chappell's Will Overton

“How do I get a publishing deal?”

It’s one of the questions NSAI member reps get asked the most by aspiring professional songwriters.


Advice on Evaluating + Editing Your Own Songs from Songwriter Amanda Williams

One of the most essential tools to quality songwriting is the ability to self-edit. It is of paramount importance that as a songwriter, you’re keenly aware of your own strengths and weaknesses (otherwise, you’ve probably picked the wrong occupation).


Noticed in Nashville by Brett Beavers


How do you get your songs noticed in Nashville? First things first. Get yourself noticed in Nashville. The smart way.

Present to win

Reflections on the The Art of Co-Writing ft. Jim Beavers


"Most of us as songwriters begin writing by ourselves; in our bedroom, or on our back porch -- wherever it may be. Co-writing is a good way to not only make yourself a better writer, but your songs better songs."

3 Tips on Successful Networking



1.  Be Prepared! (Get your game plan ready.)