NSAI Member Testimonials: Emily Kroll & Chris Housman

In light of NSAI Membership Month, we asked a few of our members to share how they've utilized NSAI's community to become better at their craft and connect with other songwriters in their area!  

I’ve been a member of NSAI for the past two years. I was encouraged to join by a mentor who told me it would be a great place to meet co-writers and learn more about the music industry.

4 Key Ingredients to a Pro Music Production

Contributed by songwriter/producer and musicprenuer, Seth Mosley

Here are my 4 key ingredients to a pro music production. These will help your tracks to be radio-ready and to get the attention of music industry professionals.

2018 ole Chapter Challenge Winners Announced

Congratulations to our Ole Chapter Challenge Winners! Your songs will go to the next round in which NSAI’s listening team will narrow down the top songs to send to Ole. The songs will be sent to Ole in mid-June and then the ball is in their court. This Chapter Challenge has been a blast and we have found some incredible talent through it! Thanks for all of you who participated.

Building Relationship with Music Supervisors

In light of this month’s sync theme, we’re featuring two pieces of advice for sync writers by multi-award winning songwriter/producer/publisher, Jeff Cohen.

Anatomy of a great lyric

This blog post was contributed by Connie Harrington, Songwriter & Co-Owner of THis Music, Nashville, TN
I’ve written songs since I was 13 and still sometimes I feel like I’m just starting to figure how to write lyrics.
It evolves, music evolves - but for the most part, there is still a “craft” to it that I revere. Nothing is more satisfying to me than “getting a lyric right.” Words are powerful and when chosen wisely fueled by inspiration, they can be eternal.  So I do not take words lightly.

Patience and Perseverance 101

I was asked to write about how patience and perseverance paid off as a songwriter to achieve my first #1, “Better with Time”, with a young performing songwriter, Billy Droze. As all overnight success stories begin, mine began in 1961. Don’t worry, I’ll fast forward through most of the fifty six years I’ve been honing my craft. There are many twists, turns, cliffs and curves in my intriguing adventure of a lifetime so please take the time to read the full story. It’s about patience and perseverance. 

Inside ole majorly indie : with Emily Olson

We recently visited with Emily Olson, Creative Director at the ole Nashville office! In this blog post, she dives into the publishing strategies at ole and characteristics of a songwriter ready to pursue a publishing deal. Come this April, we will be accepting submissions for the NSAI ole Chapter Challenge! Olson also shares tips on what to consider when submitting songs for this competition. 

Organizing Your Catalog

by Michelle Pereira

Greetings! My name is Michelle Pereira and I’ve been a general member with NSAI for almost two years now. Just like you, I’m a songwriter. I write pretty much every day, sometimes even twice a day. Therefore, my catalogue has grown a little over the past two years since moving to Nashville and taking songwriting seriously. In this blog, I’m going to talk about what I personally do after every single co-write and how I go about organizing my personal catalogue. 

The Structure of Number Ones

by Ralph Murphy

I study all the number one records every year (both Pop and Country) and analyze the structures, first use of title, rhyme scheme, etc. I've had my share of number ones, but nobody cares about number twos or a lot of top tens. If it's not number one, it only looks good in your bank account.