NSAI Spotlight: Q&A with Ysa

NSAI Spotlight: Q&A with Ysa 



As a songwriter, artist and producer, Ysa is a triple threat with raw talent, continually growing as a writer. NSAI talks career, songwriting and more with Ysa.


NSAI: “You are a songwriter, artist, and producer—tell us how the 3 parts of your music career mesh and how you spend time growing in each of these categories.”

Ysa Fernandez: “Man, I love songwriting and producing. It kind of feels like the same thing in a way, because most writing sessions I'm in a room crafting the lyrics and building tracks at the same time so it's really integrated. It's been wonderful getting to write and produce with/for other artists because it influences what I want to do for my artist projects. Even if I'm writing for an artist totally left of center from what I do. There's always some element they bring that is new, and fresh, and like nothing, I ever would have thought of.”



NSAI: “What is your best music moment in your career so far?”
Ysa: “Oooh! I was just part of this workshop with the incredible writer/producer Jason Evigan and he was discussing the production behind Dua Lipa's "Physical" ..... that man's brain is insane, how he thinks about songs. I learned so much in an hour. Plus his DAW of choice is Protools, and that's what I mainly work off of, so that was super inspiring.”



NSAI: “How has NSAI helped you reach any of your music milestones?”
Ysa: “When I first moved to Nashville, NSAI was an integral part of how I connected with so many writers in town! It definitely helped me get a footing. Plus, your whole team, you're just the kindest people, and y'all help provide a lot of opportunities to unsigned artists and writers.”



NSAI: “When you think of musical influences, who comes to mind? Why do you draw inspiration from them and what has made their music stand out to you?”
Ysa: “I have a ton of musical influences. I say in my Spotify bio that my music's kind of like a Rolling Stones & SZA smoothie. Lol. I just draw from a lot of 60's Rock & Roll, 20's/30's jazz, and I'm such a fan of all the new R&B and Hip-Hop that's coming out now.”



NSAI: “What advice do you give to your younger self about the music industry?”
Ysa: “Um, I would probably tell my younger self to just keep working super hard, and honing your production skills, and that good things are coming, so don't get discouraged.”


NSAI: “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”
Ysa: “Oof. I don't know how to answer that! 5 years from now I just want to be better at what I do, and hopefully I will continue creating music with new, amazing, talented musicians. My hope is that the songs we write connect with lots of people. But ultimately, I just want to always be creating music that excites me. Making more money would be cool, but as long as I can buy groceries I'm happy.”



NSAI: “What is your best practice in making time to grow as a songwriter?”
Ysa: “The best way to grow as a songwriter is to have new experiences to draw from, push yourself out of your comfort zone, constantly be learning, and actively listen to people.... People say the best things. I get so many lyric ideas from conversations.”
NSAI: “Thanks Ysa! We can’t wait to see you reach your dreams!”