Kelsey Klingensmith

“I’ve been an NSAI member for 4 years and it’s like a second home to me. The staff is AWESOME!! They always make me feel welcome and are so supportive!! NSAI has helped me develop in so many ways as a writer. I attended NSAI’s Advanced Song Camp when I was 11 years old. There I was introduced to co-writing and made friends with other great writers that I’m still writing with today! NSAI is awesome at helping writers connect with music industry professionals through their Pitch to Publisher nights and pro sessions. NSAI has helped my songs reach more people through the Pitch to Publisher Luncheon and NSAI’s Top 40 Page. It’s such an honor to have some of my songs get selected by industry professionals. I also love the feedback I get from the song evaluations. God sends the songs I write, and NSAI has helped my gift to grow. I’m so excited for what lies ahead on my music journey and I am so very thankful for NSAI’s support along the way.”

-Kelsey Klingensmith, Moville, IA