NSAI and SONA to Provide COVID-19 Relief with Donation from Sony/ATV

NSAI and SONA to Provide COVID-19 Relief
to Songwriting Community with Donation from Sony/ATV 
April 23, 2020 (Nashville, Tenn.)
Today, the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and Songwriters of North America (SONA) announced plans to provide additional support to the songwriting community with funds from a very generous financial donation from Sony/ATV Music Publishing.
“Thank you. Our joint statement can’t really start or end any other way,” said the organizations’ Executive Directors Bart Herbison and Michelle Lewis. “Sony/ATV Chairman and CEO Jon Platt reached out to us and has been in dialogue with our groups over the past two weeks understanding the need for assistance to working songwriters, many whose livelihoods have been devastated due to effects of the coronavirus.”
Both organizations have made the decision to use much of the money to directly assist songwriters through grant-like distributions. Details of how each organization will accept applications and respectively distribute funds will be forthcoming soon and available at each organization’s website. NSAI and SONA intend to reach out to other companies within and outside of the music industry, artists and individuals to also make contributions. Many American songwriters can sorely use the help right now.
“The contribution will also help fund the ongoing operations of NSAI and SONA. We worked together to ensure self-employed individuals in the music industry were eligible for loans, grants and unemployment—and will continue working to bring all possible resources to the songwriters we serve along with our ongoing advocacy efforts.”
Joint statement by Bart Herbison and Michelle Lewis, Exec. Directors of NSAI and SONA.