Blue Broussard

“I first heard about NSAI from a songwriting friend of mine. He encouraged me to join and become as active as possible. Once I went to the website, I couldn’t believe what I had found. If you’re a songwriter, NSAI is one of the first orga- nizations you should join. For me, I started out submitting songs to the song evaluators. They provide feedback on your material with suggestions on how you can improve your craft. Eventually, I found myself attending the Spring Training Seminars. Not only are these seminars jam packed with information, presentations by industry veterans and profession- als, but they are a networking ground for finding great co-writers. The coolest thing about attending any NSAI event is that they are always attended by other people trying to do the same thing you are. For any writer that may live out of the Nashville area, it’s hard to find a place where you can go that there are like-minded people. NSAI is the answer. Not to mention they have the friendliest staff in the world, and they are all eager to help you.For any writer just getting started, I would recommend to join NSAI and attend any event you can. Make time for yourself to be able to attend. This is where you network, this is where you introduce yourself to people, this is where you find co-writers. When it comes to writing, write what you know and what you’ve experienced. Write what you need to say, and say it in your own way, in your own words. When you describe an experience, include descriptive details about it. We are all human and we all relate to the same things. When you’re sincere in your writing, people notice.”
-Blue Broussard, Beaumont, TX