NSAI Coffee Break Season 2, Episode 5: Jenna Paulette

Our guest today is country music up and comer, Jenna Paulette. Jenna’s music is a blend of rooted Texas country and modern big city glam, a style she calls the New West. Jenna first made waves in the country/pop genre with her debut single, “Coolest Girl In The World” co-written with Jordan Reynolds and Sydney Cubit. The single made it in the U.S. Top 100 Charts for iTunes and has been featured on CMT, The boot.com and more. Jenna also wrote and recorded the song “Studio 1A” for the interactive video app, VideoBomb, which was featured on a segment of the Today Show’s Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Her latest single ILYSM short for (“I love you so much”) was released in March followed by the recent music video premiere on “Taste of Country.” I had a blast chatting with her about the songwriting process, production influences and artist branding strategy. We even talk about her love for ranching in her hometown outside Dallas, Texas. 
You can listen to the podcast version on Apple Podcasts here:http://bit.ly/JennaPauletteCB

To see Jenna on the road, visit www.jennapaulette.com and stay tuned for her album release later this year.