NSAI Online Weekly Workshop with Nick Serro



I've been a little intimidated about co-writing because I will re-write my own things a million times over, and not wanting to offend someone else's ideas or seem offensive because I'm constantly thinking of things to change in my own work. I'm afraid if I through out a million alternatives for revisions on someone else's concepts the way I do my own, they might get offended since writing can be such a personal thing. I'm not worried about people making suggestions for my work, because I constantly ask myself if it can be made better. I know I would make more connections, and learn more through co-writing, but it is very intimidating for someone who has not done it, and doesn't know what to expect from it. I think he touched on most of the issues that are holding me back from co-writing and making connections. Maybe that is the next step I should take. I will definitely consider it after watching this presentation.

What an excellent run-down of the do's and don't's of co-writing! This should be required viewing for all NSAI members!!

Good content. Interpersonal skills are important also.