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Former Coffee Break guest and singer/songwriter Jenna Paulette shares the writing inspiration behind her single ILYSM! Catch up on her Coffee Break episode ... read more

Our guest today is country music up and comer, Jenna Paulette. Jenna’s music is a blend of rooted Texas country and modern big city glam, a style she calls the New West. Jenna first made waves in... read more

We recently had the chance to catch up with Seth Mosley backstage at the K-LOVE Fan Awards! Seth discusses his music podcast, Full Circle Music and songs... read more

We had the pleasure of welcoming Seth Mosley to our lineup of Breakout Session speakers this past April at Tin Pan South Seminar! In this video he shares tips and advice for songwriter/producers... read more

Songwriters, performers and entertainers share their songwriting experiences, influences and more! 

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In this recent interview with songwriter/producer Doug Johnson, you'll hear about how his background in songwriting and A&R have crossed over into his approach to production. Doug shares tips... read more

In this episode you’ll have the pleasure of hearing confessions of serial, #1, award-winning songwriter, Shelly Peiken. She and Meredith Brooks took a risk with their '90s pop anthem “Bitch,”... read more

In this new episode of NSAI Coffee Break, Kristian Stanfill, Melodie Malone and Brett Younker share their perspectives on writing worship music with inspiration from their faith and why business... read more

Troubeliever Fest is the premier singer-songwriter based music festival in the country. Enjoy two days of performances by superstar luminaries and “stories behind the song” performances from the... read more