Maxwell Trotter

About Me

Maxwell moved to Nashville June 2023 after graduating from Ferris State University with a major in music entertainment business. He expressed a love for music at a young age and let his creative passions push him towards pursuing a career in the music industry. As a musician and fellow songwriter, he enjoys being an educator and companion to the songwriting community and found himself especially inspired by the community surrounding NSAI When he was first introduced as an intern. In his free time you can typically find him going to shows, catching a movie, or breaking out in the occasional Disney sing-along.


Sault Ste. Marie Michigan What made you fall in love with music? Music has been a part of my life since I was little. It started as break dancing at family reunions and that evolved into me becoming a musician/songwriter. For me, music has always been the catalyst for expressing emotion, sharing perspectives, and giving life to imagination. I made the decision to stake my career in these ideals and that’s what brought me to NSAI.

Who’s your favorite artist/band?

I’m a fan of everything but my 5 pillars are Prince/Alicia Keys/Anderson Paak/ Drake White/The Backseat Lovers. Aside from loving their music these artists have influenced me in some form or fashion, whether it’s as a musician, a writer, or as a person. Favorite restaurant in Nashville? Reds Hot Chicken!! The crunch wrap will bring a tear to your eye!