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Meetings consist of reviewing a lesson on the craft of songwriting or a music business related subject. We then host a feedback session where participants share a song with the group. Members should bring a song to share and lyric sheets for the group.

December 12, 2018
6 pm-10 pm Wednesday
Ripley Grier Studios
520 8th Ave
New York City, NY 10018
United States
Room 10-C. Bring your songs to be critiqued by the group. Members go first - free to members and non members for the Dec 12 2018 meeting only. Songwriter friends are welcome

Welcome To Our Chapter!



Sandy Murphy
Nick Serro
Scott Forman

Chapter News and Events

Our next chapter meeting will be Wednesday December 12th at 6pm Ripley Grier Studios.  This meeting is in 10C.

This meeting will be FREE admission to members and non members - everyone welcome! (we normally charge $15 for non members to defer the room rental cost - but hey, its the holidays!)

Bring a song you are working on. We listen and give feedback that you can use to make your song better if you choose. Please bring 25 typed lyric sheets to pass around. You can play live (we usually have a piano on hand) and bring a guitar - dont worry if you dont have one, people are open to sharing, bring a CD or phone/ipad/ipod to play an mp3.  Iphone 7 or greater please bring adaptor.

All genres of music welcome! Because we are in New York, we listen to everything and encourage you to bring it all!

Room 10C


You do need photo id for the building security. 


See you then Scott, Nick and Sandy

NSAI News and Events



  • You must be an NSAI Member (non-expired) to play a song
  • Songs must be played as a recording (no live performances)
  • You must be an NSAI Member to vote on the song submissions
  • Members can vote even if they don't have a song submitted for voting
  • Coordinators songs will not be in consideration during the voting rounds at the chapter meetings to maintain impartiality. 
  • Coordinators can't be co-writers on the chapter member submissions to avoid any bias. 


  • Coordinators songs will not be in consideration during the voting rounds at the chapter meetings to maintain impartiality. 
  • Based on the volume of submissions- coordinators reserve the right to limit song listening session to 1st verse and chorus  if necessary.  
  • Although you can attend multiple chapter meetings and submit one song at each for the voting round, If you are selected as the winner at one chapter, you cannot win at another.  


We will announce the individual chapter winners in May after all names and songs have been collected by NSAI. 

The final announcement regarding songs selected by ole is TBD. 



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