San Francisco Bay Area, CA Chapter

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Meetings consist of reviewing a lesson on the craft of songwriting or a music business related subject. We then host a feedback session where participants share a song with the group. Members should bring a song to share and lyric sheets for the group.

March 9, 2024 (monthly on the second Saturday of the month)
Zoom Meeting
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States
Join us every second Saturday on Zoom for our monthly chapter meetings featuring song reviews and deep dive discussions on various songwriting topics! You will need to officially affiliate with our chapter to receive all chapter communications - including meeting reminders and details.

Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter!



Tory Brubaker
Jeffrey Harris
Andrew Bundy

Chapter News and Events

July 8th, 2-5pm

August 12th, 2-5pm

September 9th, 2-5pm

October 14th, 2-5pm

November 11th, 2-5pm

December 9th, 2-5pm

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