Membership 101

Are you a new NSAI member, and want to know where to start? Maybe you're not a member (yet!), and are considering joining our amazing community of creatives and songwriters...

In this video (from one of our Weekly Workshops), NSAI's Membership Team dives into all of NSAI's benefits and educational resources. They tell you how to navigate our website, utiliize all of our services, and most importantly, make the most of your NSAI Membership. They also spend a lot of time answering commonly asked questions about cowriting, the music industry, working towards a professional career as a songwriter, and so much more! It is basically one big Member Meeting with the whole team!

Consider this your crash course in all things Membership!



  • Jill Moody - Director of Membership
  • Amanda Flynn Phillips - Director of Chapters
  • Lisa Vo - Member Representative
  • Allison Barrett - Membership Coordinator
  • Emily Mack - Receptionist



Click here for a downloadable PDF of our Membership Guide for an overview of all of our Membership Services/Benefits/Resources: PDF icon NSAI Membership Guide

Music Business


I am a new songwriter. My songs need to go to a studio and have session performers do my songs. Where I live we have no studio to record my songs. What do you suggest? I live in Fort Pierce Florida.

Thank you all !