December 2021 Exercises


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In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, NSAI will be closed Monday, January 17. The office will be back open Tuesday January 18 at 10:00am Central.


Further your Vocabulary: Songwriting is all about how eloquently you can utilize language. Take 15 minutes a day to write down 3 unfamiliar words you find randomly in the dictionary, and no, not on Grab a physical copy of a dictionary and take time daily to grow your vocabulary by memorizing the words and using them in context during a conversation. Take it further by writing a song with your newfound words.  


Draw a Picture: Being able to visualize the future is key in achieving your goals. Select one goal from your list of goals you would like to achieve and draw a picture of what you imagine that to be like.  


Vision Board: Create a vision board by taking clippings from magazines and literature to inspire you. You can also use so many other items to create your vision board, like dried flowers, cloth, photos, etc, this will make it textured and colorful. It is important that your board focuses on your goal, your dream.