Mason Douglas

Mason Douglas is a staff writer for Judy Harris Music for over 3 years, and had his first Billboard Top 40 Country hit last year with the Lost Trailers' "American Beauty".  He has released his own artist projects on Rural Rhythm Records, Adroit Records, and Blix Street Records, tours nationally and internationally, sings demos for numerous recording studios, produces, and also just finished up a pop-culture guidebook to Nashville called "Now You Know Nashville".

How long have you been in Nashville?
Since 2000. I came by way of Tucson, AZ, my hometown, and finally ended up in Nashville.  I payed some dues driving shuttle vans, selling Dell computers, and routing prisoner transportation...then I got a little record deal and eventually a staff writing deal with Judy Harris Music.  Now here I am!

When it comes to One-on-One mentoring, what genres do you focus in?  
I mainly aim at Country, since that's the genre I'm writing in daily...but I have a lot of experience in Rock, Pop, and even Soul & R&B.  A lot of that translates to other genres, like Christian and Rap, and I've had experience there as well, so I'm happy to help wherever I can. 
What are your greatest successes in songwriting?  
We had a little inkling of success with a song called "American Beauty" recorded and released by the Lost Trailers, which got into the Billboard Top 40 and was super fun to watch.  A greater success, in my opinion, is that I've been able to write professionally for a few years and sit in so many amazing rooms with legendary writers and learn their craft.  We've got so much great material in the catalog and now it's a matter of getting it in the right hands at the right time, and discovering new artists before everyone else does. 
What is your specialty?  
I try to cover the bases.  If you've been in a session with me, you know that I try to cover your influences, where your goals are, some ideas if you're an aspiring artist, the necessity of social networking, and always the cold hard truth about how tough this biz can be..and to get you hyped up to take it on!
Anything else we should know about you as a songwriter?  
Just that I'm extremely lucky to get to be able to write for a living and to meet some amazing people in this business.  I love being able to give back as a Mentor and hopefully provide some insight and direction in a program that wasn't available when I first came to town.